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Tennessee News Release

Tennessee Cattle Inventory Lowest Since 1959

NASHVILLE, February 1, 2013 – The total number of cattle and calves in Tennessee on January 1, 2013, was1.83 million head, 7 percent below last year’s inventory and the lowest in over 50 years. This also marks the third consecutive year of declining inventory. Information in this report is based on a recent survey conducted by USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, Tennessee Field Office. Debra Kenerson, State Director, remarked, “During the year Tennessee farmers liquidated some of their herds due to drought.” Results of the survey showed the following breakout on January 1, 2013, with comparison to the previous year: beef cows 912,000, down 4 percent; milk cows 48,000, down 4 percent; calves less than 500 pounds 440,000, down 4 percent; and steers weighing 500 pounds and over and other heifers 195,000 head, down 25 percent; 2012 calf crop 880,000 head, down 4 percent.

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USDA Market News

The USDA Market News Service reports feed ingredient prices for the week ending
March 06, were mixed.

  • Soybean Meal was 10.00 to 21.40 higher.
  • Cottonseed Meal was steady to 15.00 higher.
  • Whole Cottonseed was 3.00 lower to 10.00 higher.
  • Canola Meal was 5.00 to 10.60 higher.
  • Linseed Meal was steady to 10.00 higher.
  • Sunflower Meal was steady to 5.00 higher.
  • Crude Soybean Oil was 114 to 175 points lower.
  • Crude Corn Oil was 100 points higher.
  • Meat and Bone Meal was steady to 20.00 higher.
  • Blood Meal was steady in California.
  • Feather Meal was steady to 30.00 lower.
  • Fish Meal was steady. Corn Hominy was steady to 5.00 lower.
  • Corn Gluten Feed was steady to 10.00 higher.
  • Corn Gluten Meal was steady to 45.00 higher.
  • Distillers Dried Grains were 8.00 lower to 7.00 higher.
  • Wheat Middlings were 7.00 lower to 32.00 higher, mostly 5.00 to 15.00 higher.

**All prices quoted per ton unless otherwise noted**

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