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Southern Feed & Grain Hotel Form

The 2016 Southern Feed and Grain Association Convention will be held in Sandestin, Florida from July 24 until 27, 2016.

The Hotel Housing Form is now online.  Please make your reservation soon to ensure you get the room you requested.

The Alabama Feed and Grain Association Membership Application is also available.

Any questions should be directed to Edna Walker ( of the Alabama Feed and Grain Association.

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Yes, We Definitely Got Milk

U.S. dairy cows have been busy pumping so much milk that 2016 output is expected to reach a record, according to the Department of Agriculture. Inventories are becoming burdensome at processing plants in some regions, and sellers are “struggling to find a home” for supplies, the agency said. Consumers are benefiting: they’re paying the lowest prices for retail milk in six years, government data showed Tuesday.

Milk Price Slide

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Americans Are Feeling Even More Pessimistic About The Economy

: Americans’ confidence in the economy retreated in April, with Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index averaging -14 for the month, down from -10 in March. The April average ties with September 2015 as numerically the worst since confidence started climbing toward positive territory in late 2014 and early 2015 after gas prices began to decline. The high point in confidence in Gallup’s eight-year tracking trend occurred in January 2015, when the monthly index averaged +3, while the low point was -60 in October 2008. Interestingly, Americans’ confidence in the economy is influenced to a significant degree by political considerations, namely the match between an individual’s party identification and the party of the U.S. president. As such, Democrats have consistently had greater confidence than independents and especially Republicans during Barack Obama’s presidency. All three party groups showed slight drops of between two and four index points in April compared with March. The April U.S. Economic Confidence Index score was +10 among Democrats, -15 among independents and -38 among Republicans. (Source: Gallup)

Confidence Index

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