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Big Decisions with Ag Implications Loom in Washington

Urban C. Lehner Vice President, Editorial
DTN / Progressive Farmer

So they’ve got a deal in Congress on extending the payroll tax cut. Maybe our lawmakers have taken the voters’ unhappiness seriously. Maybe they’ve learned how to overcome paralysis. Maybe there will be fewer hyper-partisan standoffs on future issues.

Then again, maybe not. […]

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USDA Sees Farm Income Down Sharply

U.S. farm income is expected to drop sharply in 2012 from last year’s record high as production costs rise by more than $10 billion for the second year in a row and crop receipts are limited by drought, USDA said on Monday in its first income forecast for this year.

Net farm income is forecast at $91.7 billion in 2012, down $6.3 billion or 6.5% from the 2011 forecast of […]

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Weighing in on What 2012 US Corn Yield Trend Should Be

Joel Karlin
DTN Contributing Analyst

We read an interesting article this week from University of Illinois professors Good and Irwin entitled “The Historic Pattern of U.S. Corn Yields, Any Implications for 2012?”

With U.S. corn yields seeing back to back years below trend, market sentiment suggests reduced chances for such an occurrence this year, so they looked at past yield data to see if that is a correct assumption.

U.S. corn yields have trended higher over time and a regression indicates that since 1960 yields have on average increased about 1.87 bushels per year. […]

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